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Mortgage intermediary news

Stay up to speed with the latest mortgage intermediary news from Digital Mortgages by Atom bank. From product and rate changes to fresh features we’ve added to Portal, you will find all the updates about the mortgage side of things here.

Recent News


We’ve improved our lending criteria and updated our product rates

At 8am today (Wednesday 24th May), we have made some changes to our mortgage products including updating our rates and enhancing lending criteria.

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We’ve reduced our rates

Today (30th January), we’re reducing some of our Prime mortgage rates.

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We’ve reduced our rates

Today (17th January), we will be making some changes to our mortgage products, including making some key updates and reducing our rates.

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We’ve reduced our mortgage product rates

Today (11th January), we’ve reduced rates on many of our mortgage products.

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We’ve relaunched some of our mortgage products

Today (7th October), we relaunched some mortgage products for new customers, as well as changing product rates, changing SVR and moving end dates.

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We’re withdrawing some of our mortgage products

On 27th September, we’re withdrawing products from our mortgage range. Following this, we’ll be making changes to our remaining products.

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