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We’ve reduced our rates


Today (17th January), we will be making some changes to our mortgage products, including making some key updates and reducing our rates.

We’ll soon be extending offer validity

We’re currently working to extend our offer validity to 6 months (180 days) across Prime and Near Prime purchase, remortgage, further advance and retention products. Currently, the validity period is 150 days for purchase products and 90 days for remortgages.

While we work to introduce this as standard, upon request, we’ll extend the offer validity period for any offers up to 6 months with immediate effect and without question. This will apply to all new and existing pipeline cases.

We’re bringing forward our product transfer date

Effective immediately, we’re also bringing forward the date where our customers can apply for a product transfer to 6 months before the end of their fixed maturity end date. Currently, they can do this 3 months before the end of their term.

Why are we changing offer validity and product transfers?

In this current period of elevated uncertainty, we’re seeing interest rates on the rise. As a result, many customers want to secure rates sooner as they are unwilling to take the risk in waiting to see if rates will fall. This is especially true for remortgage customers.

By moving to a 6 month offer validity period and product transfer date, we’re aiming to give customers greater peace of mind in knowing they can lock in their deal earlier.

Rate changes

Prime product changes

We’re decreasing Prime product rates by up to 0.35%.

Near Prime changes

We’re decreasing Near Prime product rates by up to 0.40%.

Standard variable rate (SVR)

We’re increasing SVR by 0.50% from 6.40% to 6.90% across all new products. This change will also apply to existing customers from the 1st February.

Our current rates will be available on MSO until 8pm today (Monday 16th January). New rates will be live on our website and on most sourcing systems on Tuesday 17th January (Trigold will be updated by Wednesday evening).