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Solicitor redemption request

If you’re a solicitor or conveyancer, you can use our redemption request form to request a mortgage redemption quotation on behalf of your client.

What is the redemption request form?

We’ve created an easy-to-use online form that solicitors or conveyancers can use to request a mortgage redemption quote on behalf of their clients.

How does the form work?

Our form is incredibly easy to use — just fill in your details, your customer’s details and the redemption details, then complete the declaration.

Once you’ve submitted the request, we’ll process it within 48 hours and deliver the quote securely to your customer’s document Vault within their Atom bank app. You can then request the quote directly from your customer.

Simply click the button below to get started.

Who should use the form?

Any solicitor or conveyancer acting on behalf of a client with a Digital Mortgages by Atom bank mortgage should use this form to request a redemption quote.

Please note: The form should only be used by solicitors or conveyancers — if you are a customer or another third party, you will need to contact us to request a redemption quote.

What is required to complete the form?

Before you begin, please make sure you’re able to satisfy the below prerequisites.

You must have received authority from your customer to request the redemption quote on their behalf.

In addition, the date of the requested redemption must be within the next 28 calendar days.

You’ll need to have the following key details at hand:

  • Your customer’s Mortgage Account Identifier
  • Mortgaged property address

You should also enter your Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA) number if you have one. If you’re based in Scotland or Northern Ireland, or you’re CLC licensed, you can leave this field blank.

Are there any exclusions from the form?

We won’t be able to process any requests through the form for mortgage porting or partial redemptions.

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