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Near Prime

What Near Prime products do we offer?

With our Near Prime products, we can offer purchase mortgages and remortgages, with up to 75% LTV, to a wider range of customers.

These products open up the market to people who are likely to have trouble securing a mortgage from a traditional lender and allow us to support those who have had previous financial difficulties, such as CCJs, defaults, and missed payments.

Who is eligible for our Near Prime products?

Please contact your RBDM or speak with our TBDM team before submitting a Near Prime case. Find out who your RBDM is here.

You can find full details on who is suitable for these products in our Near Prime eligibility criteria.

Our latest rates

You’ll find our current rates below. They’re subject to change so be sure to check back to get the most up to date information. If you’d like to secure these rates for a customer, log in to the portal and start an application now.