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We’re updating MSO to make your life easier

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Team Atom04 June 2021
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Here at Atom bank, we’re always looking for ways to improve things for our brokers, and that’s why we’re going to be making some changes to MSO. From 7th June, our portal will be updated in a few ways, each of which will improve the overall experience.

Below, we’ll walk you through these updates, as well as going through the details of each one so you will know exactly what to expect.

We’re updating the look and feel of our portal

We’ll be making some changes to the portal to improve the user experience and make it look a little bit nicer. This means things might look different the next time you log in.

We’re expanding the use of Automated Value Model (AVM)

We’ll be using AVM for residential remortgages and new purchases with LTVs up to 90%. The property must meet the following criteria:

  • Houses have no more than 3 floors. Flats have no more than 2 floors (i.e. duplex is eligible, triplex is not eligible).
  • Plot size is no more than 1 acre.

The property:

  • Has a purchase price/estimated value under £500k
  • Is not shared ownership
  • Is not a listed building
  • Is standard construction
  • Is habitable
  • Has had no significant structural alterations since the last time it was transacted
  • Has not suffered from subsidence, heave or landslip
  • Has not been flooded in the last 5 years
  • Is not at risk of coastal or river erosion

We’re allowing self-serve pre-contract variations (PCVs)

We will be including an option for you to self-serve and action many PCVs within a case on MSO, which means you won’t need to send us an Application Amendment Form. You will be able to simply select “take back control of the case” within the portal and follow the instructions.

Changes that can be made via this process (depending on product type and the stage of application) include:

  • Secured Property
  • Loan requirements (amount, term, etc)
  • Personal details
  • Income/expenditure details
  • Deposit details
  • Existing mortgage details
  • Additional borrowing information
  • Employment information

Please note: You won't be able to self-serve PCVs for cases that have already completed or where a valuation is already in flight. You will need to contact our BDM team for a PCV in these circumstances.

If you receive the “account locked” message it is likely an Atom employee is in the case, please wait 30 minutes and try again. If you are still unable to complete the PCV, then please contact our BDM team who will be able to help.

These updates are set to go live on Monday 7th June, so you should be able to log in to the portal to familiarise yourself with them and see how they can help when processing your cases. We hope they will enhance your experience using MSO. Got a question about these changes? You can get in touch with our TBDM team by email at or by phone on 0333 399 0055 (9am–5pm, Mon–Fri). Alternatively, you can contact your RDBM.