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Need mortgage leads? Here’s how Atom’s Find a Broker list can help

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David Castling11 April 2019
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One of the most costly aspects of setting up and running any business is the ability to find new customers. This is no different in the mortgage space.

There are lots of potential solutions to this ranging from the basics of having an enquiry form on your company website combined with SEO, buying mortgage leads from third-party lead gen companies, having a strong social media presence, and of course, perhaps the most powerful (and certainly cost effective), route of simply asking your current client base for recommendations.

For all these options, quality is key. Yet particularly with regards to buying leads from lead gen companies, quality can seem difficult to find - it’s easy to get stung by providers who fail to deliver on the promised quantity and quality of leads.

We can’t solve all these problems for you - finding high quality mortgage leads will always be a challenge - but we can help. Here’s how:

Fancy some free mortgage leads

Yes, that’s right. Free leads.

Take a moment to recover (and watch your finance team throw their calculators in the air in sheer, unabandoned joy), then read on for more info.

At Atom, it really matters to us that mortgage hunters receive impartial, expert advice before they make a large financial commitment. That’s why we make our ‘Find A Broker’ list freely available to them on our website. This signposts people to brokers on the Atom panel that work in their area, and was downloaded over 15,000 times last year!

And the best thing? It's free for brokers to be on it.

You don’t have to pay a single penny to join - so there’s absolutely nothing to lose by being on there.

“How do I get in on this?” I hear you cry. Well...

It's simple to sign up

If you’d like to join our Find A Broker list, just contact your BDM, or our Intermediary Support Team on or 0333 399 0055 9am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays, excluding bank holidays.

All you need to do is tell us the contact details for your firm and confirm you’re happy for us to make these publicly available. We’ll publish them when we next update the list, which we do like clockwork once a month.

Then...that’s it. You’re in a prime position for eager clients to find your details, get in touch and receive the top-notch mortgage advice they deserve - without having spent a penny.