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The journey of continual improvement

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Liam Dexter28 June 2018
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Our latest and freshest app release has a number of customer-inspired improvements.

First up, the Mortgage Offer.

As part of my role as a user experience designer at Atom, I work closely with our contact centre and customer experience team to understand the pain points that our customers face whilst using the app. One issue we identified was the way a Mortgage Offer is accepted in our app; it wasn’t working as well as we wanted it to. To understand this issue in more depth we turned to our customer panel and tested the existing app journey.

Our testing allows us to see and hear our participants as well as their device’s screen, so we can thoroughly understand from the feedback received, where in the journey issues are surfacing.

We collated all the feedback received from our panel and mapped out all the issues on the flow, using a traffic light system.

Traffic light

Using this we drafted up a number of changes to the flow to create a better customer experience. Then we created a prototype, incorporating these changes, and tasked our customer panel with accepting a Mortgage Offer once again. From this testing we found that we improved our success of acceptance by 33%, our ease of acceptance by 57%, our clarity of acceptance by 21% and reduced the time it takes to accept by 13%.

Clearly our proposed prototype performed much better than our existing flow, and as a result we moved to development allowing us to release an improved customer journey in our app.

Customer process

And there you go. This may be one change and one app release, but for us, it’s part of the cycle of testing, refinement and release with the customer firmly at the heart of the choices we make.