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For intermediaries only:Our processing team has a high volume of documents to process this week so we may be busier than usual. Please bear with us for a few days.

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Simple, honest lending. No surprise fees. What’s not to like?

How we work

We listen

We want our PBTL loans to be the market standard. Join our trial to help us shape them into the best they can be - for broker, bank and customers.

Head set
We stay in touch

Top-notch, personalised support at all stages of the application, with a direct line to our underwriters if you need it.

We don’t do small print

Your customer’s budget won’t be thrown by unexpected fees - we’re completely transparent about all costs before your customer needs to sign their loan agreement.

Lending criteria

The whos, hows and whys of our PBTL proposition. Check our criteria to see what we can offer.

How to apply


After discussing your case with us, you fill out an application form. We’re not big on forms, so this will be as simple as we can make it.

ID & V

We make sure your customer is who they say they are.


We assess the application and share the reasoning behind our financial analysis with you.


We always want to give you good news...but if that’s not possible we’ll be as transparent as we can be about why.


We send the monies out as quickly as we can.

Raring to go?

Here’s all the information you’ll need to join our panel and submit applications.

Got questions? Save time and check here to see if they’ve been asked before.

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